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The Best Type of Sod

I often get asked the question, "What is the best type of sod for my lawn?" Well the answer really depends on several different variables.  One where do you live.  Is the grass always in the sun or in the shade.  Is it always hot or does it get cold often.  Are you good about watering your lawn or do you have water restrictions that prevent you from watering as much as you need to throughout the year.  Well let me just say the best lawns often have a mixture of different types of grass for different areas of the lawn. The most common types of sod here in South Texas are Bermuda, St. Augustine, Zoysia, and Rye (Winter Grass).  Bermuda is good for areas with very little shade and not much water.  St. Augustine does well in full sun however it needs water and sometime will grow in the shady areas Bermuda will not.  St. Augustine also does well when top dressing is added to the lawn at least once a year.  Zoysia is almost the best of both can tolerate the dry really hot sun, is drought tolerant and will grow in some shade as well. For these reasons it is usually much pricier than the other two.  It has a blade larger than Bermuda but smaller than St. Augustine and it stays green all year unlike Bermuda which usually goes brown and dormant during the winter.  Rye grass is always an alternative during the winter only.  You just put down the see and it will grow very fast will stay very green all winter however as soon as the first heat waive hit it will most likely die out.  So what type of sod is the best...You decide...but for me I'm sticking with St. Augustine.